Mobile App Development

In today's Arab world, customers are turning to smart phone applications for faster access to the services of their businesses and customers. The latest studies have shown that any organization, private company, government agency, or even individuals should have a smart phone application that offers the same service provided by the website, which showed the increasing decline in the number of users.

You should know that smart phone applications reach your customers wherever they are and provide them with the services, information and news you want to deliver to them and make them accessible to them quickly and easily. Also, it is important that your application works on several platforms and smart phone applications such as iPhone, Android, etc. This increases the access to as many customers as possible.


Designing and programming smart phone applications

AnasTech is an innovative technology for the design and programming of smart phone applications of all types and sizes, and is confident of your satisfaction through the high quality and design that will be unique to your application.
We put at your disposal engineers with a high degree of experience in this field, they have done many applications in different categories and have relied on them in programming applications for large government agencies.

Secure Web Hosting
Web Hosting is fully protected and your website and files are secure with AnasTECH hosting
Back up another to server
We offer automatic backup service on the BIOS and also on another server continuous to ensure that not lost any of your data if there was any problem in the server
24/7 technical support
Technical support throughout the hosting period is free of hosting problems
cPanel Dashboard
The best control panel at all and the Arabic and all other languages, easy to use All the possibilities and features available Do not need high experience in dealing with hosting
99.99% stability ratio
Servers are stable and high quality over the duration of hosting we do not accept hosting sites that cause slow servers and others and exploit the resources of servers that affect our customers
Various plans suit your needs
Plans and rates to meet all your needs If you do not fit the previous plans can request a customized plan to suit your needs